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  • Gorgeous blue and gold macaw available He is a very loving bird once he knows you and is good with other pets and children. My children (5 and 3) hand feed him and he will gently take a nut or seed from between my lips if i offer it.He says a few words and understands some commands.He is 1 year old he comes with his cage with toys, perches and bowls. He Luv light and stand, harness to take his outdoors, a small travel cage, his perch for outside the cage and a lot of food, treats, nuts etc (He has tidymix diet and pellet food).I will not re home him without his cage, that's what he knows and it's his home. .If you can give him a good home please get in touch. Due to our rehoming , we can't keep him and we need a good home for him .. His name is Cracky.

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