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  • Cute tri-colored(red , white , black ) male and female Pembroke Welsh Corgi pups now available for adoption , These little cute guys are very playful , friendly , loves to cuddle and lap .. The are just couple of weeks old now , have had their vet checks and shots.. They are healthy pups as said by their vet and they have no health probs .. They are very humble pups that are well socialised , they have been brought up in a family home where there are kids , cats , and they get along very well . They are also fast to adapt to strange environments , when we take them out to places they have never been , they adapt very fast and get along with every one in that area , It breaks our heart so badly to put the pups up for adoption but we have no option than to do so cause we can't keep the pups much longer .. We will be happy to provide more details to anyone who is interested in adopting one or both of the pups..

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