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  • This is Lucky! Lucky is a very sweet, affectionate and cuddly one year old purebred Papillon dog. This beautiful boy is a gentle sweetheart and is especially great with children! He is very loyal to ones he calls family and has so much love to give and we want him to go to a home that will love him just as much. Lucky loves to follow us into every room and make sure he’s always apart of the family. He does not jump and knows his basic commands such as sit and come. He has low needs as he is very calm and laid back, he loves to sleep but he is also outgoing and still likes to play especially around the evening time. He is fully house trained and is good on his own in the house. He does not have much interest in human food nor does he try to grab it off the tables despite his height. He walks calmly beside you on his halti but please keep in mind his breed and size. He doesn’t care about vehicles, other humans or wild animals but he may pull if he sees another dog. Despite his size, he is a good listener and as he is still considered a puppy, he’s at a great age to keep learning and training and showing much improvement daily as he has already been doing so!.

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