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  • Beautiful Black Burmese Boy This is a really hard and sad decision but we can no longer keep our beautiful boy looking for a 5star home with no young kids preferably as I have a 3 year old son who never leaves him alone the cat is great with all family members never scratches or hisses or bites We are rehomeing him as it’s just a shame on him he never gets any peace that’s why I’m asking for that type of home and preferably people who are cat crazy like we are He is a Burmese breed comes with papers He is 5months old Microchipped Flead and wormed up to date Has been neutered a few weeks ago Comes with health card ,he is in perfect health also comes with Food ,bowls ,toys ,litter box ,scratch post ,carry box He is a very lovable boy so gentle and kind loves to follow you round the house but of course him being a cat he does tell you when he has had enough petting time with a gentle mouthing but he is never to rough he loves cuddles ,getting petted comes when you call his name straight away almost all the time,is happy getting left home alone for a while is so good in the house ,he is litter box trained ,he has been allowed out but seems to prefer to stay in with you,he also likes meowing at you for your attention which is so cute,if you need anymore information please get in touch ,also i would like to see where he is going as i wont just hand him out to anybody i would like to be able to drop him off to your house if not to far away he is a really special boy no time wasters please as its upsetting enough ,we are asking for money for him to make sure he goes to someone who genuinely wants him and because I spent a lot on him which I know I won’t get any where near what I have spent also would like some information about yourself too so if you want a gorgeous boy like panther please give me a message.

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