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  • Cane Corso blue girl Puppy for rehoming I have a 9 weeks old Cane Corso blue girl for rehoming, I'm rehoming and our new home doesn't allow pets in the property . She is very very affectionate and loves to be with her owner.. She is a lovely dog and a dominant breed. I will only re-home with an experienced owner of the breeds. Please do your research on this breed . She is protective but gets along very well with other dogs. She has been raised around kids. She will come with food dish, prong collar and leash. A re-home fee is applicable as I have put a lot of time, energy and money into her food, health and temperament.. She is in excellent health, loves walks, dog parks and is extremely food driven to the point where she can easily get overweight if allowed to eat as much as she wants at random times..She is AKC registered and paperwork will also be provided.. .

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